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Suspended Second

by The Granite Shore

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    * 2 x fully-laminated full-size Tarot cards
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So it begins 04:23
So it begins As the mist begins to clear, there’s little else to see; the clutter that is culture lies either side of me. Facing front with all lights down, my ears allay the din; the clatter of the synthesis of pure adrenaline. Then as the lights come on I’m off into the fray. This should be easy now, I’m lord of all I survey. [Chorus] Let me live in the spotlight, here I know what I can do; it’s when the wings are spreading over me that I haven’t got a clue. People here and people there - and all points in-between - seeming to believe that I can tell them what I mean. Did I ever promise that? I never said a thing; all I ever did was write words to sing. Then as the rush comes on I run and reach the door. There has to be some way out, there always was before. What did I promise and will it stand up in court? My streaming consciousness was often sold and bought. Let me live in the limelight, here the whole thing’s fake; it’s when they want to come and talk to me that I begin to shake.
Outside, looking in Once we signed a piece of paper and clutched it to our heart. After years of senseless bickering nearly tore us all apart. We swore a vow the world would never see the like again. If we gave our word of honour, though, we must have meant it then. Was our exit plotted early on, with a route right through the din? While we wait to pledge allegiance, rattling the tin… [Chorus] …And I can’t make my mind up if I like us or not. Whatever we said or we did we were always outside looking in. Now dividing up the spoils of war may take a year or two; royalties for all of us and streaming rights for you. Though times have changed and there’s no longer much worth fighting for, we can rein in all our instincts and avoid the men of law. So with a finger on the trigger and another on the pin, if a clown will call the lottery balls we’ll all win… So what is left and what more would you have me do? If you’re on your way I hope you get where you’re going to.
Buyer beware 03:55
Buyer beware So; this is the end of everything, all that we’ve ever known. Tighten your belts for take-off and give us a smile as we go; will they paint the passports blue again? Far below, will the drummer’s dreams come true again? [Chorus] Anyway; what do you want us to play - would you prefer a new one or something from way back when? Anyway; what do you want us to play - memories sealed up in amber and wheeled out just one last time? Now, this is the start of impotence, this is a new kind of rage. Nothing says “angry” like soloing perched on the edge of the stage, with our dignity in tatters; at our age, let’s accept that nothing matters. Let the cooling off begin; buyer beware. The time of reckoning draws near. There’s a veering to the right, but d0n’t turn a hair, and the clocks will all go back again next year.
There's always one I’ve known that this was over for a while. The signs were there but - like a fool! - I hoped we’d reconcile. The shifty looks, the time apart, the secret smiles, they all still smart and I cannot bear to look at you right now. I really only have myself to blame; I should have seen this coming when you changed your name. Like an imbecile I closed my eyes, crying for shame, believing the lies… If you think that anyone will trust you now… [Chorus] Who’ll be going solo and who’ll still have a career? And who’ll be left to clear up the mess when you’re gone? Who’ll be spending more time with the family next year? We swore to pull together, but there’s always one… The stars were going out to some surprise with attention focussed not down here but on the skies. You’ll be seeing other people soon as May starts sliding into June and our hard-earned trust is worthless to you now. And I [I don’t trust you any more] cannot imagine what drove you on [that world has gone] you won’t say; and when [when you get home from your travels] it all unravels, remember that there’ll be a price to pay.
Someone else We don’t know who we are, I thought we did but I was so very wrong. We’re what we always were, the flaws ran deep, and it has been too long to… …just be someone else; anyone will do If it’s all in my mind, that’s where it stays, there is no need to yell. I’m but flesh and bone, remember that, when you all tell me to… …just be someone else; anyone will do So now can we go on or do our differences divide us to the core? There’s paperwork to file, there always is when things come down to sections. So, what’s to be done? Not much I’d say, we’ll need a new direction… Just be someone else; anyone will do for me
Where does the Sadness come from? Is it buried deep within us? Is it coursing through our veins? And while we’re breathing yet, it’s time to let go of the reins. Is it blown in by the weather, across our skies of gentle grey? But does the teeming rain, that kept us sane, wash something clean away? [Chorus] So tell me if you can where does the sadness come from? Will it ever end and what would happen if it did? Is it seeded in our culture? In the way we brew our beer? Is it in the clouds we find peace of mind as the head begins to clear? For the Ashes may be safe now, but things will never be the same. Once we were ashamed of success, as though under duress, it was not quite playing the game. There’s one thing that’s for certain: there are more heads yet to roll. Even if we steady the ship, a stiff upper lip is bound to take its toll. For now nobody is singing, there is no-one keeping score. So we shall record the fall, for after all that is what we are for.
I suppose so 05:18
I supppose so I suppose I ask too much of camaraderie; and no, some time alone won’t be the death of me. Perhaps I hoped for once I’d struck a chord; I should’ve known that all I’d said would be ignored. [Chorus] Don’t you snap awake sometimes, bolt upright in bed, with a thousand terrors running through your head? Have you got anything to say while I breathe and count to ten, do you cut words up and put them place into back again? Wherever they will go… Yes, I suppose so. I’m not sure this is my responsibility, but no-one’s stepping forward as far as I can see. Perhaps we should now put this to the vote - though, as the man said, you change your mind with your overcoat. [Are you alright now?] No but I will be. [You’ll get through this…] …oh far worse things happen at sea. [Are you alright now, can we get on with the show?] Yes, I suppose so.
The Performance of a Lifetime Such noises off… is that a drummer drawing near? They must keep moving just to stay alive, I hear - or was that sharks…? - still, I want it to be clear: I was always lucid. What news from England? Are they happy now they’re free… and do you think that they might send for me to come and claim the throne? If you look out you can see election lights are burning. I felt the spite as we hung on my chords, but God we were tight when we trod the boards. The performance of a lifetime every single night. This was the one place there was never any fear, nothing stupid could ever happen here; they have such sense, and they hold it all so dear… how you must be laughing. Now there is little that I can recognise; I see us waving, through other peoples’ eyes. Oh, they seem so bitter, saying their goodbyes, and who can rightly blame them? And they will call me a hypocrite and slave, but after all I came and I gave the performance of a lifetime every single night. They’ll make it seem I was crippled and weak, but I was a dream, up there at my peak; the performance of a lifetime [every single night], I delivered [every single night], I gave a performance [every single night]; no matter what it cost We will sing you sweetly to your rest; Beyond all noise, beyond all violence. We will sing you sweetly to your rest; And - as you know - the rest is silence. The vault is open, here I’ll lie in stone; though none lie beside me, I shall not rest alone. So mourn me for a while, I was only flesh and bone. Mourn me for a while, it behoves you all to moan. What survives is love.
Commodities 03:51
Commodities So what about tomorrow? You’ve brokered hope for fear. With heaven closed, there’s hell to pay; that much - no more - is clear. We thought the threat was all abroad The world would come in arms; but when we helped to hurt ourselves, the harm was done. So what price now our princes? They won’t see home again. From all-for-one to free-for-all, at one stroke of the pen. We thought the threat was all abroad, the world would come in arms. But when we helped to hurt ourselves, such harm was done, and the eagles flew again. So are we now defeated; the sea a swirling blue? Shall we just throw in our towel - what more can we do? We can shock them. With our hearts in our mouths. We can shock them. With the host that has given us power. We can shock them. They shall not cut us loose. Though we smart at the smooth way our trust was betrayed, if we're true to ourselves and to whom we were made we’ll remain. We’ll remain. We’ll remain.


First and foremost, the second Granite Shore album is a pop record, albeit an angry one. When writing began in spring 2016, it dealt largely with anxiety. “Suddenly,” says Nick Halliwell, “we were overtaken by what felt like a national self- harming anxiety episode, which then went global.” Halliwell admits expecting the subject would be all over the arts by the time the record came out, yet little has materialised a year on. “I’m not sure this is my responsibility/But no-one’s stepping forward as far as I can see” goes one lyric. “A pop record is the obvious format for in-depth socio-political analysis so I allowed my lifelong love of ABBA free rein,” he remarks mischievously, “pop’s far more interesting than rock nowadays.” Enlisting cult singer John Howard’s voice of a (recording) angel was another step outside the Indie Ghetto.
The album employs a number of metaphors. “I considered picking up where the [2015 debut] "Once More From The Top" narrative left off, but resisted the temptation”, Halliwell adds, “I wanted to focus on hooks, trimming off any fat...” The best pop is all about economy, hence unambiguous songs like "Where does the Sadness come from?", "Outside, looking in" and "Buyer beware" sit alongside more expansive material like "The Performance of a Lifetime", which conflates Brexit with the deaths of two Princes.
The limited Deluxe edition features separate stereo and mono mixes as many people are now listening on devices ill-suited to a stereo soundfield. It also comes with a CD, poster, insert with essay and two full-scale laminated Tarot cards.


released September 23, 2017

The Players
Mr Nick Halliwell ….…...........… Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Mr Phil Wilson …….….….….………………. Acoustic guitar
Mr Arash Torabi ………….…....………………….…….. Bass
Mr Ian Henderson ………..…….…………………….. Drums
Dr Steve Perrin ………….…….......… Electric guitar, vocals
Mr John Howard ……….…………..……….… Piano, vocals

Written and produced by Mr Halliwell. Engineered by Mr Duncan Chave at Sound Gallery, Exeter (England), 7th-9th September 2016, with further recording at The Hidden Room, Exeter and in Auckland (New Zealand) and Murcia (Spain), October 2016-June 2017. Mastered by Mr Halliwell and Mr Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering, Taunton (England).
Sleeve photography by Mr Wilson. Tarot cards and animatics by Mr Brad Yarhouse. Sleeve layout by Mr Simon French, with special thanks to Mr Stuart Gould at Citrus.
Without whom: Ms Pamela Barrett, Mr Neil France, Miss Mireia Halliwell, Ms Elena Milego, Mr Paul Pascoe and Ms Sue Roberts.


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